So let’s start this

My drawing stuff

My drawing stuff

I’ve been suggested many times to post the stuff that I doodle (either in notebooks, napkins or sticky notes on my computer screen) but I’ve never been really into it. This is probable due to thinking that although funny, most of what I draw is in pretty crappy quality. The poor paper quality plus the crappy office ballpens and the fact that I’m usually kinda angry when I spontaneously draw doesn’t help. Also I’m too lazy to take pictures of everything I draw daily 😛

Since I’m finally starting to go digital and drawing in tablet or smartphone, this may be the time to finally acknowledge these people and post something. Also, this way I get to share them with the people who are far away. So here’s to you guys.

Welcome to my own geeky universe!

PS: if you know me, you’ll be aware that I’m a music lover, and my life usually has a full soundtrack, so I’ll add what I was actually listening while I was drawing that.

What was playing:
Allen & Lande
“The Artist”


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