If I were a character from Game of Thrones… I’d be Arya Stark

Arya Stark on her dancing lessons

– “Stick them with the pointy end”

Game of Thrones is a really easy one, since I read the first book, I’d be Arya Stark.

  • She’s stupidly loyal and protective.
  • Sometimes she really wants to strangle that stupid Lady Sansa.
  • She’d go the honorable way, but if you mess up with the people close to her in a nasty way those rules won’t apply anymore, so she’s pulling the knives.
  • She wants to do her own thing, not what she’s spected to do. So no interest on playing princess, she prefers fencing.
  • She’s sometimes mistaken as a boy as she can fight, but been able to fight doesn’t make her less of a girl and it’s annoying.
  • Arya loves making lists 🙂

What was playing:
Blind Guardian
“War of the thrones”


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