You sense there’s a purpose
Of a higher life
A force in your heart
As if you were revived
Brand new grounds to explore
Before the night arrives

With unlimited options
It has just begun
I’ve done things that you won’t
I wish I’d never done
As I look through the eyes of
What is my design

You’re taken the

♪ Amaranthe: “Exhale”


♪ Exhale

Close your eyes close your eyes
Breathe the air out there
We are free, we can be wide open

For you opened my eyes, to the beauty I see
We will pray, we will stay wide open

Don’t analyse, don’t analyse
Don’t go that way, don’t live that way
That would paralyse your evolution

♪ The Cranberries: “Analyse”


♪ Analyse

Creator 2017

So if I have to choose 5 drawings from last year which represent some improvement in my art, I’ll go with these. There was a lot of progress from the first digital till the latest one, specially in the colour department. It was great to finally start to working on a digital way. I’m also adding the one from “The Lion’s song” due to working with shadows also in plain black.


I had a friend many years ago
One tragic night he died
The saddest time of my life
For weeks and weeks I cried
Through the anger and through the tears
I’ve felt his spirit through the years
I’d swear, he’s watching me
Guiding me through hard times

I feel it once again
It’s overwhelming me
His spirit’s like the wind
The angel guarding me
Oh, I know, oh, I know
He’s watching over me
Oh, I know, oh, I know
He’s watching over me


♪ Iced Earth: “Watching over me”


♪ Watching over me

Old reliable stuff

Old reliable stuff

You can always count on your old high-school crayon box…


Eagle fly free
Let people see
Just make it your own way
Leave time behind
Follow the sign
Together we’ll fly someday

♪ Helloween: “Eagle fly free”

♪ Eagle fly free

New year, new supplies

Watercolor pencils

I can’t wait to give a try to such a beautiful present 🙂


I, I go my own way
I swim against the stream
Forever I will fight the powers that be

I, I go my own way
I swim against the stream
Forever I will fight the powers that be
The eagle flies alone

♪ Arch Enemy: “The eagle flies alone”


♪ The eagle flies alone

I feel watched…

I feel watched

Being back home and feel watched while I have to make a hard decision.

There’s some serious mess in my life right now. I have absolutely no idea of how it’s going to turn out, but our dignity is something we should be fighting for, so I’ll take the first step.