The perfect imperfection

Going analogic

When you spend so much time on the computer, both due to coding and art, you get to appreciate the little analogic details. How the lines are slightly curve on a certain area, or the different ammount of preassure on the traces. Computer art is sometimes too perfect, and it’s good to see sometimes something a bit more warm personal (and less brighter).


Cabo Home, Vigo

From darkness we come
That shelter where all life is formed
To darkness we sail
Eternal refuge of the soul”

♪ Eluveitie: “From darkness”

♪ From darkness

I can finally see the light again, and Prague is beautiful

“Waves of melodies once forgotten
Like a symphony across the ocean
Never knew that they could hear my calling
Deep within
Crashing in
Rushing in
Like falling

Falling Awake
From a walking sleep
And all that remains
Is the dying memory
And now I can dive for
These dreams I make
Like I am Falling
I am falling awake”

♪ Tarja: “Falling Awake”

♪ Falling awake