In motion

“Make me cry in vain
Leave one tear
Touch my face with your sigh
Leave me against the stream
One hundred worlds will see me
Passing by…”

♪ The Gathering: “In motion”


♪ In motion

Tarifa windmills

“Sun’s setting down, shadows covering
One more day is gone
Wrapping our dreams in a winter snow
Hiding our fears, we must go!

Night time is calling my name,
We are spreading our wings, we must fly
To a brand new horizon we all must go

Come by the hills, we meet you there
Leave all your worries behind if you dare
By the hills, so much to share
We are gathering, so come by the hills!”

♪ Symfonia: “Come by the hills”

♪ Come by the hills

A rest from massive social media

The laptop and the notebook

For a long time, the social network I was active in was Twitter, probably for 2 reasons:

  • I worked in there, in a 3rd party service.
  • I decided to stay due to its versatility and being developer friendly.

However the company-developers relationship is not in the best terms from a while ago. Their rules are completely arbitrary, their client application is (and has always been) a mess, and they are promoting toxic behaviours. Therefore, I’m not saying I’m quitting, as due to work reasons I need to be in one of the massive social networks, but it will mostly run on autopilot, just as Google+. You will find my wordpress-feeds there for sure, but don’t expect much interaction from me.

If you actually want to contact me on a social network, you can find me active in Mastodon at (a Fediverse alternative which has proper settings and a much nicer administration).