Venting out by doodling

Venting out by doodling

I’m certainly having temper issues…

I finally made a head banner for this blog (at last I got some free time away from the hellish project). Drawing helps me to calm myself and leave my mind blank, no matter how many annoying things have happened that day.

♩ So this is my symphony… ♩

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“Symphony of the Night”


If I were a character from the 100…. some people say I’d be Clarke Griffin

Clarke drawing Lexa or "The Bitanic"

Clarke drawing Lexa or “The Bitanic”

I’ve never really related to that character, but we certainly have something in common: we both draw… like a lot. I found the “Bitanic” scene in season 3 hilarious, as I saw that we actually have a really similar behaviour when we’re drawing. When the scene started I could totally hear my mom in my head complaining about the position she was sitting (“don’t draw like that, go to a table!”), then she’s embarrased when Lexa gets up and sees her drawing (it’s pretty deep since she’s drawing the real her, not the Commander), and finally, the panic attack when that jerk Titus enters the room and may see the way she really sees Lexa as a caring person.

Ps: so many candles 😀 and yes, Clarke’s hair in season 3 is still tragic 🙄

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