You are not prepared

You are not prepared!

You are not prepared!

The Knowledge Transfer classic.

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When the poor management punches you

When a poorly managed project punches you...

When a poorly managed project punches you…

That’s how I feel when the day before starting my holidays (which were planned 6 months ago) my manager tells me that I have to stay to keep this disaster working.

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Sonata Arctica
“In black and white”

The House of my development team

The House of my development team - actually we're all Starks

The House of my development team – we’re all Starks

This is an early sketch of the now usual monthly “delivery cartoon”. When our job started to get really messy, I started to draw my team on a random geeky theme with tons of inside jokes to lighten the mood. This one was done a few months ago, but I won’t be able to post the finished version in here as I shouldn’t make direct references to some subjects.

So yes, we’re all Starks, we protect each other backs, and we’re all totally going to die in an horrific way.

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Not literally
“A character I used to know”