The “Infinite Testing” initiative

The "Infinite Testing" initiative

Look at me: still talking when there’s science to do!
When I look out there, it makes me GLaD I’m not you

You all should know by now that the cake is a lie.

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Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories
“Still Alive”


I’m not sure, what are we actually overwatching?

I'm not sure about what we are actually overwatching....

Well, I suppose we are overwatching the fire, aren’t we?

The only thing I knew before this request about Overwatch was the Tracer pose mess so, so thanks to my OCR friends for explaining me its lore.

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“Great Song of Indiference”

We are more than resources

We are more than resources

Everyone of us has some dark story to tell with a component after these 3 years

And some people tend to forget there are real people behind the development team.

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Stone Sour
“Through Glass”

Trying to innovate and failing miserably…

Trying to innovate and failing

I don’t know why I even try

Just a graphic representation of how and why I hate excels so much. Seriously, why? Why sending so many local excels by email when there are cloud platforms which content can be updated instantaneously with no version confusion?

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Five Finger Death Punch
“The pride”

The Seppuku Team

The Seppuku Team

Seppuku Tokusentai formation!

That’s an old inner joke we had in our team. When everything goes wrong in a poorly managed project and there are tons of overtime you don’t do a Power Rangers sleepover party, you just call the Seppuku Tokusentai!

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Battle Beast
“King for a day”

Crisis in the framework – the dev heroes return

The heroic devs team

The heroic devs team

We developers are heroes in a danger zone. Specially when the projects are on fire.

Ps: this one has gone into coffe cups for the team members

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“Danger Zone”