The World Is Yours

The world is yours

It was like they were yelling at me “Hey, don’t you dare to give up now! Fight back!”

“Their rules
They’re fools
Empty words they promise so much
The present status quo remains untouched

If you want the world
Use your mind
Take control
Feel the strength
Rise from within
If you really want it the world is yours”

What was playing:
Arch Enemy
“The World Is Yours”


I’m the crown of Gallia!

I am the crown of Gallia!

I am the crown of Gallia!

That’s how I feel when my own code solves something the comitee of experts hasn’t been able to fix after a whole week of deliberations.

I am the crown of Gallia
I am the oak in the nemeton
I am the servant of Antumnos’ children
I am the will of our gods

Eluveitie – King

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