Booting spring and swagger

Booting spring and swagger

It really took some effort to kick start this

A really literal and graphic representation

What was playing:
Mötley Crüe
“Kickstart My Heart”


This fight is over…

This fight is over...

My job here is done, let’s go to the next challenge

And it comes to an end, I’m leaving the project that got me on my nerves for the last 2 years and they’ll need to find a new “Supreme Commander”. I met a lot of developers and we formed a bond, as it was like going to war together… We had both hylarious and terrible moments with our heroic sprints (I kinda love/hate these guys for making me their “supreme commander with executive powers” and getting me to watch #theloo), taming the Kerberos (the doggie even had its own song about how he chewed all the calls we coded) and how the SCRUM method became the SCREAM method.

My time of pain and stress putting down those fires is over. Now to the next challenge.

What was playing:
“Where the rain grows”