Incoming holidays

Incoming holidays

Just thinking about 3pm…

And that’s how I’ll look like… while I get out of there singing Gigatron 😛

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We are more than resources

We are more than resources

Everyone of us has some dark story to tell with a component after these 3 years

And some people tend to forget there are real people behind the development team.

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Stone Sour
“Through Glass”

The Seppuku Team

The Seppuku Team

Seppuku Tokusentai formation!

That’s an old inner joke we had in our team. When everything goes wrong in a poorly managed project and there are tons of overtime you don’t do a Power Rangers sleepover party, you just call the Seppuku Tokusentai!

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Battle Beast
“King for a day”

Crisis in the framework – the dev heroes return

The heroic devs team

The heroic devs team

We developers are heroes in a danger zone. Specially when the projects are on fire.

Ps: this one has gone into coffe cups for the team members

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“Danger Zone”

The fish is not fresh

The fish is not fresh

The fish is definetely not fresh

Graphic representation: it’s been one month trying to explain that 4 years is greater than  6 months, so yes, that’s definetely not fresh.

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The frameworks crossover (CW heroic version)

The framework crossover (CW's heroic version)

The framework crossover (CW’s heroic version)

If our developer frameworks crossover un our project were like this week’s CW’s DC superheroes crossover, it will probably look as weird and depressing as this. If there’s any doubt, mine is Supergirl with the three-headed doggie (why, Kerby, why? 😕 )

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Welcome to the family (and chaos)

Welcome to the family

Welcome to the family

The poor new guy has no idea about what he’s got into when he arrived to the project… There are mythical three-headed dogs spitting fire and herrings, tons of red herrings.

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Creedence Clearwater revival
“Fortunate son”