We are more than resources

We are more than resources

Everyone of us has some dark story to tell with a component after these 3 years

And some people tend to forget there are real people behind the development team.

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Stone Sour
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Tribute to the Testing Team

The testing team - Smash bros edition

The testing team – Smash bros edition

When I asked the testing team who would they be if they were videogame characters, they told me that they would be the Ice Climbers, wrecking havock with their hammers through all the application. And of course, their leader Lady Testing would be a princess. Since Zelda is the only videogame princess I’ve ever liked, here’s my rendition to that moment.

Ps: this is one of my regular rants: people should really value the work the testing guys do. If they did, there would be less day-one patches.

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“Hunting high and low”