“Call me when the smoke from the bridges burning
Gets in your eyes and you need someone
To take the blame
Once more, like you’ve done before

So when you need a scapegoat
Just place the blame on me
I never asked to be anyone’s hero
I never asked to carry the torch

I’m here for you to crucify
Waiting for your lies to stain me once more
So let me take that cross from you
I’ll bear it like I always do

Out of the night and into the light
Where I swear my allegiance
I’ll stand by your side and
I will ease your sorrow and grief

Your burden I bear, your pain I will share
To you I will surrender
But in the end I know I’ll have the last laugh

I’ll smile at the dawn of solace
And laugh on the reckoning day

Once more the fools will return to parade you
And love you until they’ll hate you
For what you’ve become
And you’ll call me

But I am overburdened
And I can take no more
I am more tired than ever before
And all that I want is to settle the score

Deep in the night I’ll hide from the light
Where I swore my allegiance
Won’t stand by your side
And I won’t ease your sorrow or pain

No burden to bear, I’ve suffered my share
Now darkness feels so tender
And in the end I know I’ll have the last laugh”

♪ Cain’s Offering: “Dawn of Solace”


♪ Dawn of Solace