The PHP supreme sorcerer

The PHP sorcerer

The PHP sorcerer

It’s just magic!

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“It’s a kind of magic”


Trying to innovate and failing miserably…

Trying to innovate and failing

I don’t know why I even try

Just a graphic representation of how and why I hate excels so much. Seriously, why? Why sending so many local excels by email when there are cloud platforms which content can be updated instantaneously with no version confusion?

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Five Finger Death Punch
“The pride”

I’m the crown of Gallia!

I am the crown of Gallia!

I am the crown of Gallia!

That’s how I feel when my own code solves something the comitee of experts hasn’t been able to fix after a whole week of deliberations.

I am the crown of Gallia
I am the oak in the nemeton
I am the servant of Antumnos’ children
I am the will of our gods

Eluveitie – King

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